Your Move

Thousands of people in and around Cockburn are looking for simple ways to be more active in their daily lives.

Now, it’s easier than ever to get started – Your Way.

Welcome to Your Move Cockburn.

To build on the City of Cockburn’s great active living programs, the City has partnered with the State Government to develop a free program, which provides information and support to help residents enjoy a more active and connected lifestyle.

People who participate in Your Move receive access to exercise classes, local maps, activity planners and most importantly, the Cockburn Sport and Recreation Directory* which lists clubs and activities that take place in and around Cockburn.

We’ve also got everyone talking on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram sites, and we’d like to invite your club to make the most of these conversations by  ‘liking and following’ us and then promoting your sport/activities’ achievements, events and sign up days!


You can make your first move at, send us an email or call 6490 4004 today – or get on board with our social media pages and get talking to your local residents!

*All City of Cockburn sports clubs and recreation activities were invited to be a part of the Sport and Recreation Directory. If for some reason, your  club or activity is not included, please contact EMMA RAE at and we will include your details in the online version of the directory.

If you have any questions regarding links, images or logos, please contact:

Claire Scullin

Department of Sport and Recreation – Your Move

(08) 9492 9828



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“You can't let praise or criticism get to you. It's a weakness to get caught up in either one."

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