KidSport enables Western Australian children to participate in community sport and recreation, no matter their financial circumstances. Eligible youth aged 5–18 years can apply for financial assistance to contribute towards club fees. The fees will go directly to the registered KidSport clubs through their participating local government. While the primary objective of KidSport is to ensure all Western Australian children can participate in sport and recreation clubs, its secondary objective is to engage these children and their families in the community.

Current Uptake

KidSport has seen a great uptake since inception and the first voucher going into the system in September 2011. The latest figures can be viewed here







KidSport TV Commercial - Animation brings KidSport campaign to life

The Department of Sport and Recreation has teamed up with two Perth based companies to launch an exciting new animated advertisement as part of a campaign to promote KidSport in Western Australia.


KidSport Radio Ads





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Enabling WA children to participate in community sport and recreation

Community Volunteer Project

Helping clubs recruit, train and retain a new generation of volunteers.

Quote of the week

"Winning's great but you've got to learn how to lose, even in a team. When we watched our kids play sport, the way some parents behaved was absolutely scandalous. A good sportsman knows how to lose as well as win and I'd hope Mark is of that ilk."

Alan Webber, father of Mark Webber

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