The Department of Sport and Recreation are keen to help break down the barriers and costs associated with joining a club.

We know KidSport provides funding for subsidised membership fees up to $200 per calender year, which may include uniforms and equipment.

Boots For All and FairGame are two not-for-profit organisations involved in collecting and re-distributing pre-loved sport and recreation equipment.

For further information look below, and click on the links to their websites!

Boots For All

Since its inception in 2006, Boots For All has passed on more than 5,500 pairs of footy boots and other sports equipment to disadvantaged children and adults in Melbourne, Regional Victoria, Central, Northern and Western Australia.

Boots For All can supply sports kits and/or can provide a wide range of quality, second-hand sports equipment, however, quantities and stock are subject to availability.

For further information and to access equipment, visit:


The ‘Robin Hood’ of sport! FAiRGAME donates pre-loved equipment from schools, recreation centres, sports teams and individuals and provide it along with education and inspiration to those in need.


  • Provide access to sporting equipment for under serviced communities
  • Match specific equipment needs with donations from partners in Perth
  • Ensure geographical isolation is not a barrier to the delivery and access of healthy lifestyle choices
  • Recycle sports equipment in a cost-effective and environmentally aware manner
  • Increase participation rates in physical activity

For more information and to access FAiRGAME to donate or find some pre-loved equipment go to:-

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Enabling WA children to participate in community sport and recreation

Community Volunteer Project

Helping clubs recruit, train and retain a new generation of volunteers.

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