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There’s a lot of work involved in running a club: from the committee, to coaches and officials, to players and spectators. There’s marketing and promoting your club, and growing your member base, right through to the rules and regulations for member protection and risk management. It can seem overwhelming, but ClubsOnline can help with all these things.

Club resources

The Department of Sport and Recreation has developed a series of well-researched, yet simple-to-follow resource booklets, including advice, how-tos, checklists and templates to give you guidance and help on everything from starting a new club and setting up a committee, right through to sponsorship and fundraising, and marketing and promoting your club. We’re working with you to help clubs become better manager, most sustainable and provide quality services to members and participants.

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Enabling WA children to participate in community sport and recreation

Community Volunteer Project

Helping clubs recruit, train and retain a new generation of volunteers.

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Sport gives kids something to do and keeps them occupied.

Dianne Crawford. mother of Shane Crawford - 1999 Brownlow medal winner and Hawthorn Hawks captain.

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