Club Legends

Every club has one (or more, if they're lucky!): they're the special people who volunteer their time to make your club great.  They might be a coach, an official, or maybe they run the canteen or sausage sizzles.  They drive the bus to competitions, work on the committee, and work hard to promote the club to new members.  Here's your opportunity to recognise those special people and tell their story. Complete the ‘Club Legend’ form and submit it to us. Don’t forget to provide a photo!

Club Legend - Craig Strong

Thanks Craig for your ongoing support around the club!

Club Legend - Peter Schwabe

Thanks Peter for all your hard work!

Club Legend - Val Norris-Buffham

Congratulations Val on your 55 years of gymnastics!

Club Legend - Chelsea Bullock

Congratulations Chelsea Bullock for being an outstanding volunteer!

Club Legend - Ree O'Neil

Congratulations Ree O'Neil for being an outstanding volunteer!

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Quote of the week

“You can't let praise or criticism get to you. It's a weakness to get caught up in either one."

John Wooden, former UCLA Basketball coach

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