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Enabling WA children to participate in community sport and recreation

Community Volunteer Project

Helping clubs recruit, train and retain a new generation of volunteers.


Welcome to ClubsOnline, a place for you to share ideas, chat with other clubs and their members, promote and develop your club and find out all the latest news in sport and recreation. New to ClubsOnline? Take the Tour and learn all about us!

Clubs Development Officers are located across WA and are here to help you grow and improve your club. If your region has one, you can find them here... Read more...
Thanks Craig for your ongoing support around the club! Read more...
Thousands of people in and around Cockburn are looking for simple ways to be more active in their daily lives Read more...
Evaluate your club's strengths and weaknesses with the ASC Club Health Checklist. Read more...
Sport 4 All is a new $20 million state government initiative to increase the number of kids at community sport and recreation clubs. Read more...

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Sport and recreation offer greater benefits than just good health.

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"The best in sport have skill, physical gifts, tactical awareness and great determination ... However, it is their keenness for the contest and ... a certain obsessiveness and love of the activity itself that is essential to be outstanding."

Ric Charlesworth


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